Monday, August 28, 2006

Holiday Knitting/Crochet/Giftmaking

Hoo boy. I am desperately hoping my friends do not read this blog because if so, I'm not surprising anyone ):

I figure I'm going to type this out so I don't forget. Time to put the hoodiesweaterthing on hold and start the holiday stuff. Cause you know, you just can't finish everything 2 weeks before Christmas

What I need to knit/crochet/etc:
1. Nautie (Knity's knitted nautilus). This is actually almost done. Just need to finish it up now.
2. 3 aminekos in black green and blue. Need? Sugar and Cream cotton yarn in black green blue and white. Yay for me. also need polyfil and plastic pellet things. yay, michaels.
3. amigurumi squid/octopus. need? light blue cotton yarn. I maintain that amigurumis should be made in cotton and only cotton.
4. Baudelaire from Knitty. Need yarn.
5. Fetching. I think cheap acrylic (Caron Simply Soft FTW) will do.
6. Multiple scarves. Something like 5 scarves. I can probably just make garter stitch scarves with random yarn changes. I can finally abuse random stash yarns!
7. Bag. I'm gonna make this one from plastic bags.
8. Multiple crocheted jellyfish amigurumi. I came up with the pattern myself. Hm, I should post pics.

I was considering knitting a sweater, but the whole sweater curse thing.. yeah.

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