Saturday, September 30, 2006


I made a facemask from this pattern! Modifications: Used size 3 needles, and crochetd the straps. Also did a row of crochet around the edges.

I suck at short rows.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

I didn't want to do Physics so I did this instead.

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

I have no crochet pattern writing experience, so bear with me.

Start with an Amigurumi double ring ( ) with 5 scs. Pull double ring closed.

Rnd 1: Increase 5x by working 2 sc into each st. (10)
Rnd 2: [2 sc in one, sc] x 5 (15)
Rnd 3: [2 sc in one, sc] x 5 (20)
Rnd 4: dc every stitch
Rnd 5: sc every stitch. Make your stitches somewhat tighter. if needed, sl st all around one more time.

Now you're done with the "body" of the jelyfish. Flip it inside out, and sl st around the loops in the second to last row. Basically, stick your hook in that space between the dc and the sc and sl st that.

Every couple sl sts (its up to you, really), ch 9, turn, sc 2, then sl st down, and continue sl st-ing the inside. The number you chain for the tentacles is up to you, really :P.

Continue until you reach your starting point. sl st once more for good measure and break yarn. Proceed to throw jellyfish at siblings/family members/friends while screaming "Jellyfish attack!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

scarf book fetching

So, I lost this scarf in an airport a while back. That made me so sad. I really loved this scarf :( I just found this photo again. The photo is off; the scarf was black. Luckily I still have the yarn that was used for this: Lions Brand Wool Ease in black and Moda Dea something. I want to reknit it, but I want to try something else...


Something from this book!

My mom recently went to China, and got me this book. It's got cool photos except its patterns are totally worthless. Meaning half the patterns are missing. Theres a ton of great ideas though.

And a FO, just to show I haven't been totally lazy.
Yes, it's Fetching! And the other ones on needles >__>


I'm in. Are you?

I figure it's an incentive to actually work on stuff. I'm splitting my 4 ply worsted weight crap yarn to get thin yarn for this. Sigh.

I think I'll finish that limewire sock now though -_-; After I finish Fetching. Yes...

I foresee much kniting-in-class :/

Anyway, college essay progress is going okay, I can probably get yarn within the next month.

I found my first scarf, ever. I dont know what I was thinking with it. But its knit in some pastely baby yarn. Its short. I ran out of yarn. I didn't know anything about yardage at the time.It started off nice and even, but then I learned continental-style. Having never knit in continental style before, stitches are loose and ugly.
But since its in baby acrylic yarn.. its fingering weight.

Now, dilemma. Do I tear out my first knitting project? Do I keep it for sentimental purposes? Or do I frog the hell out of it? Blah.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm still lacking yarn. I should stop saying I will do things because that means that I will not do them.

I need bright colors of yarn. Or something that isn't black, grey , or grandmay. I mean, don't get me wrong, grandma-y colors are fine, just not in abundance.

Currently working on:
Intarsia cable rib scarf. Don't ask. Ever since I found out how to properly do intarsia.

I have one more Fetching to knit. I think I'll do that tonight, since they go by so quickly. And after that, I'll start on my second Limewire sock.

4 tentacles + seaming left for Nautie.

I really need to do Physics. :/